About Us

Rhonda Ferguson, PGA/LPGA Professional

Rhonda is a Class A PGA & LPGA Teaching Professional and Owner of River Bend Golf Links.  She played college golf at the University of Florida where she graduated.  She enjoys teaching and helping her students enjoy and learn the game.  Rhonda was recently awarded the following: 2017 North Florida PGA Northern Chapter Player Development Award, 2017 Honorable Mention US Kid's Top 50 National Instructor, 2016 North Florida PGA Northern Chapter and North Florida Section Youth Player Development Award, 2013 PGA Junior League Captain of the Year Finalist.  

You can reach rhonda at rhonda@rhondaferguson.com or at 904-234-3434.

Steve Bouck, Course Superintendent

Steve has been with River Bend for over 20-years.  His family built the additional 9-holes in 1989.  Steve is committed to providing a great golf experience to all skill levels.

Rick Wasanner, Golf Shop Manager

Rick Wasanner has been with River Bend for 2-years. He prides himself on providing excellent customer service and always with a smile! Rick can be reached at golfshop@riverbendgolflinks.org or 904-284-8777.